Infrazone provides specialist consulting services for Managed Service Providers.

Our focus areas are go-to-market strategies, service catalogue development, service design, and service desk, service management & operations process development.

Key Features

Go-to-Market Strategies
Infrazone consultants are experts at working with specialist service providers to understand their business goals and collaboratively develop go-to-market strategies. Infrazone has a work shop based approach that helps business to understand their Why? and differentiate their services in the market.

Service Catalogue Development
Once the go-to-market strategies are clear, Infrazone works collaboratively with clients to design product descriptions, service catalogues and service level agreements to meet the clients’ needs.

Service Design
Infrazone work with clients to develop their operating models covering people, process, tools and partners. 

Service Desk, Service Management & Operations Process Development
Infrazone applies it's extensive experience in developing fit-for-purpose process and Quick Reference Guides which cater to our clients' and their customers' specific operational requirements.